"Let the picture paint itself..."

Explore the spirit of play and experience what it’s like to create images in a large studio space with the support of others and with the additional support of mindfulness meditation and practice. No prior experience of meditation or art making is needed. , just the desire to engage with creative process and meditation practice with openness and experimentation

We will be using the studio space at Studio Upstairs in Bristol, a very large artists studio where there is room to experiment. In the second workshop there will be more emphasis on painting large. There will be a maximum ten participants in each workshop.

Lynne and Kumuda are both practising Buddhists and practising artists. Lynne is an HPC registered art therapist and Kumuda is an ordained member of Triratna Buddhist Community.

In each session there will be workshop activities to help us both disengage the critical mind and engage more fully with our creative experiences. This will be combined throughout the day with short meditation sits, regular mindfulness bells, periods of short and longer art making and time for discussion of our experiences.

Workshop dates - to be confirmed

Costs - Workshops cost £50 per workshop, a deposit of £20 will be payable in advanced to reserve a place. Some limited concessionary places may be available.

Reserving a place - to reserve a place please send an email to or phone 01454 612226 / mob.07787 762747

Other - Tea and coffee making facilities are available, bring food to share for lunch

Workshop 1 - Let the picture paint itself, Switching off the judgmental mind

In this workshop we will use art making exercises designed to help us observe and reflect on the nature of the judgemental mind.and to encourage us to let go and play with art materials.

This approach will be supported by the use of mindfulness meditation periods to help us connect with our bodies in the present moment.

Both of these activities are designed to help us to relax, let go and and make art intuitively with a deeper awaremess of our experience in the present moment.

There will be short and longer periods of art-making during which mindfulness bells will be rung at intervals to remind us to return to a mindfulness practise.

Throughout the day there will be time for group discussion reflection and sharing of experiences.

There may be some exercises where we work with another but the exercises used will depend on the desires and needs of the group.

Workshop 2: Let the Picture Paint Itself Large

Session two may be taken on its own or in addition to session one.

In this session we will use similar types of exercises to session one but with more emphasis on the characteristics of painting on a larger scale. (For those that want to we will look at what inhibits us from painting very large and what we can gain from it.)

We Will use mindful meditation as in session one with an opportunity also to look at mindful movement and the relationship that this has with painting large.

As in session one there may be some exercises where we work with others but this will depend on the needs of individuals and the group mix on that day.