Mindfulness and Art therapy Resources.

On this page you will find resources related to  he growing field of Mindfulness and art therapy.

 Resources from the Two day mindfulness and Art therapy course I run for professionals in the health and education sector for  the British association of art therapists. (BAAT) See attatchments at the bottem of this page. 
 Mbat day one and day two.

Recent books and resources

Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies: Theory and Practice [Paperback]L aury Rappaport (Editor), Jakusho Kwong-roshi

Spirituality and Art Therapy… Mimi Farelly-Hansen.

 The authors of each chapter are worth looking up because you will find other similar work, in journals on u tube , video on websites  etc..For example see Patricia Isis  www.miamiarttherapy.com/mindfulness_training.htm

Meditation and art retreat  that has been  requested by people on my course,  this page also has retreats on myth, creative writing etc. www.rivendellretreatcentre.com/imagination.html

 Retreat center in Scotland  that has themed retreats on meditation and painting, meditation and photography, poetry, creative writing, dance and focusing, its in a beautiful setting and gets booked up quickly.


The tree of contemplative practices, that has the arts on one of its branches can be found on this interesting  website.


 Mindfulness in schools project, which has  courses conferences research and research  http://mindfulnessinschools.org/

 American  mindfulness in schools site.

http://www.mindfulschools.org/training/curriculum-training/?gclid=CKSLxODvjrsCFSj3wgodgm8ALw This on line training its American .

 The focusing   institute 

https://www.focusing.org/ from there go to expressive arts for a long list of articles.

 Urge surfing a mindfulness based approach to addictions can be found on.




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