Below is a selection of comments from previous attendees of my courses. All contributors to this page have given there express permission for their words to be used.

Mindfulness and Art Therapy Course

posted 6 Aug 2012, 07:11 by Ben Wainwright   [ updated 22 May 2014, 04:23 by Lynne Francis ]

"I appreciated the silence and the exercises. It was very apparent that Mindfulness and Art Therapy, or image making rather, work hand in hand. The food and the calmness was beautiful."

"Very accepting of beginners questions. I didn't worry about asking anything."

"Worked well in being broad, informative and a good mixture of light and serious."


""It was actually relaxing to learn!"

"Thank you both very much, informative and well run"

"very encouraging,excellent handouts, lots of useful ideas to put into practice"

"Very helpful and inspiring"

"Presented material was very rich"

" Well structured and informative,presenter had a diverse background and presented well"

"Appreciated the meditative experienced quality of Lynne and Amaladevi,helped to hold the workshop strongly in a laid back way"

"Wonderful ending to both days!"

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